Trailblazers Malaysia: Your Fun Managers in Delightful Events

With the vision of creating exciting, entertaining events for the corporate world and families. Trailblazers Malaysia was established on 7th July 2007 with the combination of strategic planning, synergic team and think out of box mentality. With more than 1000 events organised for various clients, Trailblazers Malaysia offer events such as treasure hunt Malaysia, team building, amazing race, annual dinner and family day.

As an event management company, Trailblazers Malaysia strive to provide the best service while being your fun event managers. Most businesses think that product is the most important thing, but without great leadership, mission and a team that deliver results at a high level, even the best product won’t make a company successful.

Trailblazers Malaysia will help manage your treasure hunt easily! Select from various types of treasure hunt program provide by us. Car hunts can be held in the city for a day hunt, or outstation for an overnight hunt. Walk hunt can take place in a maze-like housing estate or shopping mall. LRT Hunt, you’ll be zipping from station to station, and switching trains for an exciting time. Go treasure hunting in the midst of wildlife and the lush greenery of a tropical rainforest. The hunt will end in an open Savannah area.

Inspire your team to fulfil their potential & have a great time while they’re at it. Your colleagues will foster a whole new level of camaraderie as they work together on quizzes, games and challenges through indoor and outdoor sessions. Made to strengthen your relation with team bonding sessions, help to set clear goals, objectives, & targets through time management techniques, get your employees to achieve core values of your company and helps to grow your business talent into influential leaders via soft skills.

With the Trailblazers Malaysia Family Day Malaysia event, you can expect great entertainment with a host of family-friendly activities planned out for you. Interesting games for both adults & kids and stand a chance & win awesome prizes & vouchers during the entire day. Whet your appetite with sumptuous delicacies well-suited for both adults & kids of all ages. Also, immerse yourselves with the awe-inspiring talents from our entertainers such as clowns and fire eaters. 

Be part of an event where you race against time to outplay and outsmart your opponents in Trailblazers Malaysia Amazing Race. Ensure to bring out the best of your physical strength & mental attributes to decode & unlock passwords to your next challenges. Understand your team members in the games & apply them in the real world! Feel the adrenaline rush, do it right, do it fast!

Celebrate a fruitful year with an enjoyable night where everyone can eat, drink, dance and be merry with Trailblazers Malaysia Annual Dinner. Be merry & get your stomachs filled with a glorious night to remember with amazing foods. With engaging emcees, you will be entertained throughout the night with on-going games to break the ice & set the mood for the night. Sit back & enjoy with a line-up of talents such as magicians, singers, dancers, live band, and more!

Instil values with special emphasis on a nature-based activity such as tree planting, cleaning the beach or a simple “gotong-royong” in Trailblazers Malaysia CSR activities. Do your part for the community & society, help the needy by supporting and donating for their well-being while position & uplift your brand among other competitors & stand out from the rest.”

With “Your Fun Managers in Delightful Events”, Trailblazers Malaysia always provide the best and fun events for their client. Visit the website at https://trailblazers.com.my/ to check out who they are and what they do best.