Dealing with picky eating children

Why is this happening?

All babies and children go through a phase of picky eating. A baby may be open to eating anything and everything between one to three years of age and suddenly turn into an incredibly picky eater. More often than not, the underlying factor of a child’s resistance is not directly related to the food itself.

Here are some things to consider:

One-bite rule

The child is beginning to want to be independent. He wants to have choices. If the child wants to have a say over the colour of his shoes, of course, he is going to want to exercise that same freedom with his food.

For starters, you can get the child to adhere to a one-bite rule, that is to have at least one bite of everything during each meal even if it is not his favourite. By doing this, you are exposing the child to a particular food over the long-term, and after a while, he might just be inclined to like it.


Children also get really excited when you empower them with the ability to make decisions. Involving the child in a preselected make-your-own recipe is very effective and makes him look forward to the meal.

Superhero foods

Some research indicates that children are more likely to be keen on eating if the food is presented in a more fun or appealing way. A child is more enthusiastic about eating something with a creative superhero or fantasy name because it lights up their imaginative function.

A child is going to be more enthusiastic about eating “Popeye’s spinach” than just “spinach”. There are so many ways you could do this. My own child hated broccoli but started eating it on her own accord after I told her that was where Wonder Woman got her combative skills.


Picky eating is just a phase. In most cases, children grow up to be reasonably receptive to all kinds of food with some exceptions that don’t sit well with their palette. You can supplement your child’s diet with Pediasure Complete, supplementary formula milk that provides extra nutrition to children. Learn more in this Pediasure article on dealing with a picky eater